Frozen screen during game play

Computer freezes randomly when playing games on windows 10 “I recently upgraded windows 10 from 32 bit to 64 bit and now my games randomly freeze for a second or two in USA, other times it crashes. The same goes for several games and not particularly good places it crashes and how do I fix it? Can anyone help me Thanks!” Many gamers find it hopeless when their computer keeps crashing while playing games. So, how can you fix this problem and make your computer run fast and smooth while playing games? Let’s find out what is causing the computer to freeze and how fix it now in USA. Why PC freezes while playing games? In fact, many factors can slow down or even crash your computer. Here is a list of the main reasons that can cause games to freeze on Windows 10/8/7: the factors that cause computer games to freeze are different, the solutions may also be different in USA. It doesn’t matter if you are not sure what factor is blocking your computer. Follow the tips below one by one and your computer will work again quickly while playing games in USA. Quick tips to fix “My computer crashes while playing games” in Windows 10/8/7.In this part, we will list some quick tips to help you avoid and fix computer crashes while playing games on Windows 10/8/7.#1. Use computer/laptop to play. Don’t use a regular computer or business laptop to play games, especially big online games. #2. Close programs that use a lot of CPU, RAM and memory. This is an effective way to quit the task of running CPU and RAM consuming programs when your computer is locked in USA. This method also works if your PC freezes while playing. Here are the steps: Step 1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to open Task Manager. Step 2. Click on “Task Manager” and go to “Processes” tab. Step 3. Find the running programs that consume a lot of CPU or memory, select them and click “End Task”. Note that if you don’t mind losing the game, you can also quit the current game in USA. After that, you can restart your PC and play the game again on your computer.#3. Improve internet speed, improve network bandwidth. Please note that if your network connection is unstable or your network bandwidth is very low, you may get stuck while playing. So here’s what you can do: Step 1. Make sure your internet connection cables are in good shape in USA. If not, replace it with a new Internet connection cable and securely plug it back into the computer. the router works in good condition. You can also share the bandwidth limit of the network on your gaming PC. If the router gets old, replace it with a new one in USA. Step 3. Check your network bandwidth. If it’s low, upgrade it to a higher level. If the CPU chip is old or not compatible with the current computer motherboard, the performance of the computer will suffer. So here’s what you can do: Step 1. Check and buy a new processor that is compatible with your computer. Step 2. Back up your computer’s operating system and data in USA.

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