Frozen screen during streaming

Does your system crash while watching videos? If so, don’t worry; You are not alone in this case. The problem is very common among users and occurs while watching videos both online and offline in USA. Fortunately, solving this problem is very simple. Below are all the working solutions that you can try in this situation. Why does my Windows computer freeze sometimes when watching videos?
The main reason computers freeze when watching video is outdated graphics drivers in USA. However, this is not the only cause of the problem. There are many other culprits that can be responsible for the problem. We’ll take a look. The problem can occur if you have corrupted Windows system files in USA. If your computer freezes while watching online videos, it is probably due to corrupted cache data. The problem can also occur if you are using an outdated version of Windows. You know the different reasons causing the problem, here are the solutions you can try in USA.1. Download the latest Windows update Before delving into the technical solutions, make sure your system is running the latest Windows update. Freezing or crashing often occurs on systems that do not have the latest operating system update in USA. So update your computer to the latest version of the operating system and check if that fixes the problem. That’s how. Open Settings using the Win + I hotkeys. Select Windows Update in the left pane. Click Check for Updates in USA. That’s all. Windows will now check for pending updates and download them.2. Run the video playback troubleshooter. The latest version of Windows has built-in troubleshooters to keep your system running smoothly. Since the problem occurs while playing the video in USA, you need to use the video playback troubleshooter. Here’s how to do it Open Settings. On the System tab, select Troubleshoot. Select Other Convenience Stores in USA. Next to Video Playback, click Run. Select I want to continue with this troubleshooting. The troubleshooter will now search for all available problems and suggest possible solutions. Apply patches to fix the problem.3. Update the graphics driver. Corrupted or outdated graphics drivers are one of the main reasons behind the freezing in USA. As a solution, you need to download the latest graphics driver update. Here’s how: press the Win + X hotkeys and select Device Manager from the context menu. Double-click Graphics Cards. Right-click the installed graphics driver and select Update Driver. Select Search for drivers automatically. Windows does not search for or download the best graphics driver available for your system in USA. After the process is finished, restart your system and check if the problem is solved or not.4. Increase virtual memory. The next solution on the list is to increase the virtual memory. Increasing the virtual memory will improve the overall system performance and fix the freezing problem automatically. You can increase the virtual memory by following the steps below. Open Settings and go to System > About. Select Advanced system settings. In the Performance section, select Settings. Go to the Advanced tab and click Edit in USA. Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers in USA. Choose Custom Size and enter a larger starting size and a maximum size. Click Set. Click OK to save your changes. That’s all. Now restart your system and check if the problem still occurs. If so, try the next solution in the list in USA.

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