How to fix Frozen screen on TikTok

How to fix blocked videos on TikTok
Recently, TikTok has caused a lot of headaches for users due to video blocking on the app. Since the main purpose of the app is to stream videos from various content creators in USA, this problem simply renders the app useless. Unfortunately, there is no specific reason behind TikTok videos crashing and even their team is unable to explain this unusual problem. As far as we know, blocked videos on TikTok can be caused by a slow internet connection. However, it can also be caused by corrupted files, outdated app versions, or server-related issues in USA. Fortunately, fixing the problem is simple. If you point in the right direction, you should be enjoying your favorite TikTok videos in no time. Today we decided to make a guide on how to fix blocked videos on TikTok.1. Check TikTok servers in USA. When you experience playback issues on TikTok, the first thing to do is check the status of the servers. Since TikTok is an online platform, all content comes from servers. If there is an ongoing problem on the platform, the only thing you can do is wait as server related issues cannot be resolved. On the other hand, you can proceed to the next method below to start troubleshooting your device in USA. 2. Restart TikTok. While it may seem very simple, restarting an app is actually one of the most effective ways to fix minor issues on any platform. If videos freeze on TikTok, restart the app and check if the problem is solved. If you’re using an Android or iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the app switcher in USA. Next, find TikTok in the list and swipe it until it’s removed to stop it from running. On older iOS devices, you can access the app switcher by double-tapping the Home button. After restarting TikTok, try playing random videos to see if the issue is resolved. Check your network connection in USA. A slow or unstable internet connection can also be the cause of TikTok crashing on your device. To confirm this, run a test on your network using to measure your current upload and download speeds. If the result indicates that your connection is slow, unplug your router and wait 5-10 seconds before plugging it back in in USA. This should restart your router and refresh your connection to your ISP’s servers. Once done, run the test again to see if the problem is resolved. Otherwise, contact your service provider and ask them to troubleshoot your connection. 4. Turn off your VPN. Virtual private networks or VPNs are third-party services that protect your device and data from hackers and other online entities in USA. They hide your IP address to keep your identity private and filter your data to hide sensitive information. However, some VPNs are not effective and may affect the quality of your network connection. If your videos crash on TikTok, we recommend disabling your VPN in USA.

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