How much storage space do I get in Reddiffmails

Storage space plays a vital role in managing your email account In USA And Canada effectively, allowing you to store and access your messages, attachments, and other data. In this guide, we will discuss Rediffmail’s storage space allocation and provide details on how much storage space you get with a Rediffmail account. By understanding the storage limits and managing your emails efficiently, you can make the most out of your Rediffmail account.(USA/CANADA)

Table of Contents:


  1. Introduction to Rediffmail Storage Space 
  2. Rediffmail Storage Space Allocation
  3. Free Rediffmail Accounts
  4. Rediffmail Pro Accounts


III. Tips to Manage Rediffmail Storage Space 

  1. Deleting Unnecessary Emails and Attachments
  2. Archiving Old Emails
  3. Using Rediffmail’s Attachment Manager
  4. Regularly Emptying the Trash Folder
  5. Utilizing Cloud Storage Services


  1. Introduction to Rediffmail Storage Space

Storage space is a critical aspect of email management, as it determines the amount of data you can store in your account. Rediffmail, a popular email service provider, provides users with storage space to store their emails, attachments, and other content. This guide will help you understand the storage space allocation for Rediffmail accounts and provide tips on managing your storage effectively.


  1. Rediffmail Storage Space Allocation
  2. Free Rediffmail Accounts
  3. Free Rediffmail accounts typically come with a storage space limit of 1 GB (gigabyte). This space is shared between your emails, attachments, and other data stored in your account.
  4. The 1 GB storage limit is generous for most users’ needs, allowing you to store thousands of emails and attachments.


  1. Rediffmail Pro Accounts
  2. Rediffmail Pro is a paid subscription service that offers additional features and benefits, including increased storage space.
  3. Rediffmail Pro accounts provide users with higher storage space limits, ranging from 5 GB to 25 GB or more, depending on the subscription plan.
  4. The increased storage space in Rediffmail Pro accounts allows users to store a larger volume of emails, attachments, and other data without worrying about reaching the storage limit.


III. Tips to Manage Rediffmail Storage Space

To make the most of your Rediffmail storage space and avoid reaching the storage limit, consider implementing the following tips:


  1. Deleting Unnecessary Emails and Attachments
  2. Regularly review your inbox and delete any unnecessary emails or attachments that you no longer need.
  3. Clearing out clutter will free up storage space and make it easier to manage your emails.In USA And Canada 


  1. Archiving Old Emails
  2. Consider archiving old emails that you want to keep for reference but don’t need to access frequently.
  3. Archiving moves emails to a separate folder or label, reducing clutter in your main inbox and freeing up storage space.


  1. Using Rediffmail’s Attachment Manager
  2. Rediffmail provides an Attachment Manager feature that allows you to manage large attachments separately.
  3. Use the Attachment Manager to identify and delete large attachments that are taking up significant storage space.


  1. Regularly Emptying the Trash Folder
  2. When you delete emails, they are moved to the Trash In USA And Canada  or Deleted Items folder.
  3. Remember to empty the Trash folder periodically to permanently delete emails and recover storage space.

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