How to fix Adobe Audition not responding

Adobe Audition crashes/ becomes unresponsive on slow PCs
On the other hand, Adobe programs can sometimes be quite demanding in terms of resources and system requirements. Users often complain that Audition crashes when multiple programs are running at the same time or when Premiere Pro is also open in USA. Audition sometimes crashed while recording. or hangs on initialization. At this point, Audition displays an unresponsive message. What’s worse, if you reload the program, you will lose all work done up to that point. Now, a Reddit user has suggested an extremely helpful fix, and sharing it will likely save many Audition fans some trouble. Especially since this is a problem that has been around for a while in USA. The solution uses the Analyze Queue function in Task Manager’s Resource Monitor. How do I fix Adobe Audition crashing on my computer? Open Resource Monitor by typing resmon in the search bar.
Under the CPU tab, unresponsive processes should appear marked in red in USA.
Right click on it and select Analyze Queue…
You should see one or two processes in the pop-up window (each with a thread attached and with svchost.exe in its name).
Select the last thread in the list (the svchost.exe thread attached to the last process) in USA.
Click End Process.
Note: The audition can end in the last step. But based on the feedback, in most cases it will be unlocked and your work should be there.
Also, the speakers and microphone no longer work. At this point, you need to right-click the soundbar icon, select Sounds > Playback > right-click Speakers > Test.
Install a fresh copy of Audition in USA.
While it’s less likely that a corrupted version of Adobe Audition is the culprit, you shouldn’t remove it from the list.
Also, it’s best to always make sure that your software has the latest updates and is compatible with your operating system in USA.
While the troubleshooting solution presented here applies to Adobe Audition, it can actually be used for the same purpose for any unresponsive program in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. The only trick is to correctly identify the thread causing the problem. We hope you found this tip helpful and would like to know if you were able to use it to unlock Audition. Feel free to use the comments section for information on this topic. Reset Audition to default settings. If you’ve never experienced your audio problem before, resetting Adobe Audition to its default settings may fix your audio issues. Note that factory resetting Audition will remove all presets, hotkeys, presets and settings in USA. Adjust latency and buffer settings
Audio latency is measured in milliseconds (ms) and reflects the time it takes for a signal to travel from the sound card input to the output, the time it takes to transition from an analog signal to a digital signal, and the time it takes footage to be channeled through Adobe Audition in USA. Audio quality problems can persist if latency settings are not adjusted correctly. In general, customize your Windows settings. If Adobe Audition doesn’t fix your audio problems, try to fix the problem by restarting Windows first. If your audio still performs well, continue. Enable system sound Windows system sound may have been disabled accidentally. Also make sure your speakers are not muted in USA. To check your audio settings:

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