How to Fix Hard Drive Very Slow in Windows 10/8/7

How to speed up a slow hard drive, clean junk files, check for errors and bad sectors in USA. When a computer slows down, many users turn their attention to the processor and graphics card. At the same time, the hard drive has a large and decisive effect on the performance of the computer. The average user often notices that the hard disk (hereafter referred to as HDD) is slow when they see a hard (or very fast flashing) LED, some busy jobs freeze, or take a long time to complete in USA. Sometimes the hard drive can make annoying noises like popping, popping, or screeching. All this indicates that your computer is actively dealing with the hard drive and the poor performance behind the above problems is related to the hard drive in USA. In this article, we discuss the most common causes of a slow hard drive and how to fix them.Windows cleaning, defragmentation and error checking When your computer starts to slow down, the most important thing is to clean the hard drive from unnecessary and redundant files and check for errors. Let’s look at each operation in detail. Disk maintenance There are many ways to clean your disk of unnecessary files (and there are hundreds of utilities for this). See the method Disk cleaners and programs that write junk files go to the Control Panel; Go to “System and Security”; We go to the control panel, the control panel, the System and Security element, in the window that appears, select the Disk Maintenance function, select the system disk on which the operating system is installed (C: / by default) in USA. Then follow the Windows instructions. Disk Maintenance Disk Defragmentation Disk defragmentation can be performed using third-party software or standard Windows tools. To do this, open the Windows Control Panel: Check the hard disk What to do if the hard disk drive (HDD) is running too slowly? In the window that opens, select the desired hard drive and optimize it (defrag it). Control Panel Security and System Administration Tools Defragmentation and Disk Optimization Note that in Windows 8 you can set automatic defragmentation using the available options. Also, by default, disk defragmentation runs weekly. Check for disk errors in USA. See Check and fix hard drive errors in Windows 10. Check for hard disk errors in Windows 10. We’ll learn how to check for bad sectors on your hard drive later in this article, but let’s talk about it. mistakes so far. Logic The Scandisk program integrated into Windows is sufficient to check these. There are many ways to do this test. Run the command from the command prompt as administrator and type “CHKDSK” (without the quotes). Run the command as administrator and type “chkdsk” in USA. Go to “Computer” (you can do this by clicking the “Start” button), right-click on the desired drive, go to its properties, and select the “Scanner” option on the “Devices” tab in USA.

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