How to install Microsoft Office

After purchasing Microsoft Office, install and download the product. If you purchased the app from a retail store or ordered it online in USA, such as from Amazon, detailed instructions are included in the box. If you order directly from Microsoft, you will receive a link via email. The receipt includes a link to “Office Accommodation”. If your organization uses licensed Enterprise notebooks, your IT department may use other methods to install Office. Contact your IT department for assistance with installation in USA. Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new account. Enter your property key (or activation code). This product key tells Microsoft that you have legally acquired the software. The key is included in every physical package you receive and included in the email if you are ordering digitally. Also choose your country, region and language in USA. Write down this activation code and keep it in a safe place. If you need to reinstall Microsoft Office, use it. Choose an office. What happens after downloading the configuration file depends on the browser used. If you choose Save, the next dialog will ask you to create, save or delete the file. Select “Run” and complete the installation process. When User Account Control asks if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device in USA, select Yes. After running the downloaded file, the installation process starts automatically. When Windows asks if you want to allow the installation, select Yes. If prompted to close all open programs, select Yes again. Play an animation to show you where to find Office programs on your computer. Choose Close. Microsoft Office is now installed and ready to use in USA. You may be prompted to download the update to Office. If so, let the update take effect. To reinstall Microsoft Office, go to “My Account” and select the download link if you do not have the installation files on your hard drive. Then follow the instructions above. Once you have the file, restart the installation process in USA. So, you can get Microsoft Office 365 free trial to try Word and other programs for free. However, you must log in to continue using it after the trial period ends. Therefore, you can install different versions of Microsoft Office on the same computer, but it is better to use the latest version. Previous versions of Office cannot open files created in newer versions of Office in USA. It depends on your internet connection, but installing Microsoft Office can usually take 20 minutes. If it takes much longer, you can check your internet connection. Before doing anything else, make sure no other programs are running. Failure to do so may cause malfunction and damage the computer. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive. Wait for a new window to appear in USA. You can also click on the Office executable, go to My Computer and run the program. Wait for the installation window to appear. When the following windows appear, click on the Install button after selecting the options for Microsoft Office 2010. Select the installations. Then select Write. It contains 25 characters in USA.

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