How to stop unwanted emails? – Rediffmail Support

Unwanted emails, commonly known as spam, can clutter your Rediffmail inbox and cause In USA And Canada frustration. Rediffmail provides several tools and features to help you combat unwanted emails effectively. In this support guide, we will walk you through various methods to stop unwanted emails in Rediffmail. By following these steps, you’ll be able to reduce spam and have a cleaner, more organized inbox.

  1. Introduction to Stopping Unwanted Emails
  2. Rediffmail Spam Filtering
  3. Enabling Rediffmail’s Built-in Spam Filter
  4. Customizing Rediffmail Spam Filter Settings
  5. Marking Emails as Spam(USA/CANADA)


III. Managing Contacts and Safe Senders 

  1. Adding Contacts to the Safe Senders List
  2. Creating Filters for Trusted Senders
  3. Blocking Unwanted Senders
  4. Reporting and Filtering Junk Emails
  5. Reporting Spam to Rediffmail
  6. Using Rediffmail’s Junk Mail Filters
  7. Setting up Keyword Filters
  8. Protecting Your Email Address
  9. Avoiding Publicly Displaying Your Email Address
  10. Using Disposable Email Addresses
  11. Being Cautious with Email Subscriptions
  12. Unsubscribing from Marketing Emails 
  13. Using Rediffmail’s Unsubscribe Feature
  14. Checking for Unsubscribe Options in Emails

VII. Regularly Reviewing and Cleaning Your Inbox In USA And Canada 

  1. Introduction to Stopping Unwanted Emails

Unwanted emails, such as spam, can disrupt your email experience. Rediffmail offers various features and settings to help you combat these unwanted emails effectively. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to stop unwanted emails in Rediffmail and keep your inbox clutter-free.(USA/CANADA)


  1. Rediffmail Spam Filtering
  2. Enabling Rediffmail’s Built-in Spam Filter
  3. Log in to your Rediffmail account and go to “Settings.”
  4. Navigate to the “Spam Filtering” or “Junk Mail” section.
  5. Enable the spam filter by checking the appropriate box or slider.
  6. Save your settings to activate the spam filter.
  7. Customizing Rediffmail Spam Filter Settings
  8. Access the spam filter settings in the “Settings” menu.
  9. Adjust the spam filter sensitivity level according to your preference.
  10. Choose additional actions for handling suspected spam emails, such as moving them to the spam folder or deleting them.
  11. Save your changes to apply the customized spam filter settings.
  12. Marking Emails as Spam
  13. Open the email you want to mark as spam.
  14. Click on the “More” or “Options” menu (represented by three dots or a gear icon).
  15. Select the “Mark as Spam” or “Report as Junk” option.
  16. The email will be moved to the spam folder, and Rediffmail’s spam filter will learn from this action.

III. Managing Contacts and Safe Senders(USA/CANADA)



  1. Adding Contacts to the Safe Senders List
  2. Open the email from a trusted sender.
  3. Click on the sender’s email address or name to view the In USA And Canada contact details.
  4. Select the “Add to Contacts” or “Add to Safe Senders” option.
  5. The sender’s email will be added to your safe senders list, reducing the chances

The Rediffmail app for Android provides a user-friendly interface for accessing your emails and managing your account directly from your mobile device. This guide will help you install the Rediffmail app on your Android device and set up your Rediffmail account for a seamless email experience on the go.

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