Microsoft Office does not work after reinstallation

You can install Office Home & Business, Office Home & Student and Office Professional on the same computer in USA. After a hardware upgrade, if you try to install and open versions of Office on a different computer (yourself or another) or on the same computer, you might get an error message that says you’ve reached the limit…. . If you have purchased Office multiple times and could not open the previous version of Office, you need to change your Office product key in USA. If you meet the requirements to install your software license, you can move Office to another computer, open it on your phone, and then remove Office from the original computer. If Office isn’t installed on another computer, follow the instructions to install Office on a PC or Mac. Follow the steps in the Activating Your Phone section above. Download Office to your old computer. See software license terms for office port terms in USA. Open a desktop program like Word. (See How to find Office on my computer.) For more information, see the following sections: See Section 3 for Office 2019 and Office 2016. For Office 2013, see Can I move programs to another user or computer? If Office fails, the title bar of Office programs will read Unlicensed Product or Non-Commercial Use/Unlicensed Product in USA. To get Office back to full functionality, you need to fix the problem that caused the error. If you purchased Office with a different email address, try signing in with all of your personal email addresses. If you’re at work or school, sign in with your work or school account instead of your email address. To determine if your Microsoft account is linked, the process may fail if you have multiple copies of Office. Before troubleshooting Office, remove any versions of Office you don’t use by signing in to Services & Subscriptions in USA. Your Office or Microsoft 365 products must be listed there or your email address won’t work to sign in to Office. If you see multiple versions, right-click the version you’re not using and select Delete in USA. If only the option is there, you can skip to Step 3: Check your Microsoft 365 subscription status. Once the checkout is complete, restart your computer. Open the Office application and sign in if you have any questions in USA. If Office still won’t open, try repairing it online as described in “Repairing Office programs.” If you can’t open it, go to the next step. If you have a Microsoft 365 Home subscription, make sure it’s active and renew your subscription as needed in USA. If you don’t have Microsoft 365, you can skip to the next step. Step 4: Troubleshoot Office activation. Close all Office applications. Visit the Services and Subscriptions page. If prompted, sign in and enter your email address and password, the password for the Microsoft account associated with your section of Microsoft 365 subscription in USA.

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