Pop-up blocker not working

Pop-up or pop-up windows are windows that appear automatically without your permission. They vary in size but typically don’t cover the entire screen in USA. Some popups open above the current Firefox window, others appear below Firefox (popup). Firefox lets you control pop-ups and pop-ups in Firefox preferences. The pop-up blocker is enabled by default, so you don’t need to worry about enabling it to prevent pop-ups from appearing in Firefox. When you block a popup, Firefox displays an information bar (unless it’s enabled). previously ignored (see below), as well as a popup_icon_fx57 icon in the address bar. When you click the Options button in the information bar or the icon in the address bar in USA, a menu appears with the following options:

Allow/block popups for <website address>, manage popup settings…, don’t show this message when popups are blocked, show <popup web address>. Pop-up blocker settings in USA. Pop-up blocker settings: Click the Fx89menuButton menu button and select Settings. Select the Privacy and security section. Go to the Permissions section. Uncheck the box next to Pop-up Blocker to disable your pop-up blocker completely in USA. Exceptions… to the right of Block Pop-ups to open a dialog where you can choose which websites are allowed to show pop-ups. The dialog offers the following options: Type or paste a website address and click Allow to add it to the list of websites allowed to open pop-ups. Select a website from the list and click the Remove Website button to remove it from the exception list in USA. Click the Remove All Websites button to remove all websites from the exception list. Click the Save Changes button to apply the changes. Pop-up windows are not blocked. Is the popup from Firefox?The pop-up may not be from Firefox. You can tell from the window where the pop-up is coming from. If you see the address bar with Tracking Protection Fx89ShieldIcon button and Site Identity Fx89Padlock button in the popup, the popup is from Firefox in USA.

If you don’t see these buttons, malware on your computer could be causing the pop-ups. For help, see Fix Firefox problems caused by malware in USA. Is the pop-up blocker enabled and enabled for this website? Click the Fx89menuButton menu button and select Settings. Select the “Privacy and security” section and go to the “Permissions” section. The Popup check box is selected.

Click the Exceptions… button to the right of Block Pop-ups. A dialog opens with a list of websites that can show popups. If the website that opens the popups appears here, select it and click Remove Website. Click Save Changes to update your changes. Close the settings page in USA. All changes made are automatically saved. Does the popup appear after a mouse click or key press? Some events such as B. clicking or pressing a key can generate pop-ups, whether the pop-up blocker is turned on or not in USA. This is by design, so Firefox doesn’t block pop-ups that websites need to work. Is it a real popup? Sometimes displays look like windows, but that’s not the case. Firefox’s pop-up blocker cannot block these ads in USA.

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