Can My HP Laptop Be Fixed

Virus and malware removal
If your desktop or laptop is infected, our computer technicians will help you. In some cases, you may need to reinstall your operating system (OS) or, for very deep infections, our team will scan your startup and registry entries to find and manually remove undetected malware in USA. The good news is that Mobile PC Medics offers flat rates! This means that you can enjoy a smart solution at a fair price, no matter how long it takes to rid your computer of viruses again. We will also help you choose the best antivirus tools at the best price to prevent future infections!
» Reinstalling the operating system
If your computer or laptop starts up slower than normal in USA, it could indicate that your operating system needs to be reinstalled. Even if your device isn’t necessarily affected by viruses, spyware, or malware, your system can still get bogged down with startup programs and toolbars, corrupted files, and weird errors in USA. In case your computer or laptop requires an operating system reinstallation, you must first manage a backup of all important data, with which one of our IT technicians can help you if necessary!
» Removal of bloated software.Did you know that the vast majority of new computers and laptops come with a bunch of useless software that computer manufacturers pay to install? Known to computer scientists as “bloatware,” these useless programs only bog down your system with slow boot processes while cluttering up your hard drive in USA. Ask our team of IT engineers how to optimize your desktop or laptop computer for maximum efficiency and storage space by removing built-in software you don’t need!
» RAM + HDD upgradesSometimes, to increase the speed and available storage space on your computer or laptop, all you need to do is upgrade the RAM (for speed) and hard drive (for more storage). At Mobile PC Medics we charge a flat fee for all labor plus any new components installed to provide a cost effective solution that is much cheaper than buying a new computer in USA.
File Recovery
We understand that most people don’t have the time or knowledge to back up their data. However, when your digital devices fail and you lose all your precious files, you need an experienced and certified IT professional to help you recover your important digital data. In most cases, our IT experts can recover your critical files and show you how to back up your hard drive regularly to prevent future data loss in USA.
» Can computer screens be repaired?
Yes, computer screens can be fixed in USA. At Mobile PC Medics we specialize in LCD screen repairs and can get your monitor up and running again within 2-3 working days instead of the 2-3 weeks required in department stores.
» How can I troubleshoot my computer from home?
If you’re not sure if you have an immediate problem with your computer, try the following to troubleshoot your desktop or laptop computer at home or work:
Give your computer a break
Find out if your computer is overheating
Run a diagnostic check in USA.
Open the computer case and check the temperature of the metal case
Check your device drivers
Try resetting or restoring the system
Take a look at your hard drive
If you need help with any of these troubleshooting steps, don’t hesitate to contact one of our IT technicians to walk you through the process in USA.

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