Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online issues

A known limitation of the QuickBooks Online system is that you cannot transfer two different contacts with the same name to QuickBooks Online in USA. For example, QuickBooks has a contact named John Doe with an email address When integrated with another system, QuickBooks Connector creates a different John Doe contact, but with a different email address and contact number ( For this reason, QuickBooks Connector treats the two John Doe records as separate connections in USA. However, when I try to import a new John Doe into QuickBooks, the QuickBooks API rejects it because it has a duplicate name. In this case, the second contact with “-1” (John Doe -1) is automatically added to QuickBooks Online. Invoice Rounding Error A currently known limitation in the QuickBooks Online system that may incorrectly calculate tax numbers. For example, QuickBooks Connector receives the following data from your e-commerce system: The unit price of an item is INR 14.90 and already includes 10% VAT. Ask for the tax-free total when you submit to QuickBooks Online in USA. So I calculated the VAT price divided by in USA . It is 13.545454. However, QuickBooks Online cannot provide this type of tax total, so it must be rounded to two decimal places. Therefore, the pre-tax total will be rounded to INR 13.55. I’m looking to allocate 10% of the total VAT before tax 13.55 and 10% VAT equals USD 14,905). So to get $4.91 we have to round again. As you can see, the total difference is INR 0.01. You can also include payment charges, such as those displayed by eBay that include taxes. I am currently contacting the QuickBooks Online support team regarding this issue and hope to find a solution. Inventory Start Date Error You may receive the error message “The transaction cannot be sent to QuickBooks Online because the transaction date is earlier than the inventory item start date in the transaction.” The inventory start date for the product I created in QuickBooks Online seems to be after the invoice I’m trying to send. For example, if invoice ABC123 is dated 06/03/2014, all invoice items must have a start date before 06/03/2014. You may need to delete and recreate the item in QuickBooks Online. In this case, please contact QuickBooks Connector Support so they can optimize your QuickBooks Connector. If an invoice for an item already exists in QuickBooks Online and the invoice date is after the item’s inventory start date, the item cannot be shipped. A currency limit is a limit where customers cannot place orders in multiple currencies in USA. Consider the following scenario. Buyers are selling in AUD. I added a client to QuickBooks Online with AUD as the default currency. The buyer sells in a different US dollar. An error occurred because this is not the customer’s default currency. We are working on how to better manage it. Please note that the above situation may currently occur when a customer places two orders in different currencies in USA. Accounts that reach this limit must be processed manually in USA. Product Name Field Limitations A known limitation of the QuickBooks Online system is that two different products cannot have the same name. There is also an optional SKU field that allows multiple products to have the same SKU. This behavior between product name and SKU fields seems to contradict each other. Most other systems treat the SKU field as a specific product and allow duplicate names in USA.


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