Update the email address you use for QuickBooks Desktop

Email is one of the best ways to sell and do business with customers, business partners and suppliers today in USA. With QuickBooks you can send your customers payment forms, promotional announcements, newsletters and invoices directly from the desktop app with just a few clicks. Sometimes users find it difficult to send emails from QuickBooks and there are many possible reasons why this application crashes in USA. In this article, we also read all about the QuickBooks email delivery process and troubleshooting steps to fix emails not sending due to QuickBooks errors. Troubleshooting Step 1: Make sure you are not running the QB application as a Windows administrator. Right-click the QB icon on the Windows desktop and click Properties. In the Compatibility tab, uncheck Run this program as an administrator in USA. Click OK and restart the QuickBooks system. Troubleshooting Step 2: Check your email settings in QuickBooks for Outlook account access if you use Microsoft Exchange Server. Open the QuickBooks desktop app and under the Edit tab, select Settings and click Submit Form. through the Send Email section and click OK. On the Settings tab, select Outlook E-mail if you use Outlook to send e-mail, then click OK in USA. Quit QuickBooks and restart Windows. Open QuickBooks and try sending the email. Work? If so, follow these steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks email not working. Troubleshooting Step 3: Check your email settings in Internet Explorer. Quit QuickBooks. Click Tools and select Internet Options on the Programs tab. Make sure Outlook is selected as your default email program. If you use a program like Outlook Express to send email, make sure it’s selected in your preferences in USA. Click Apply and click OK. To send an email, close Internet Explorer and open QuickBooks. Troubleshooting Step 5: Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Desktop App Click Windows Start and select Control Panel to search for Add/Remove Programs or Remove a Program. Select the Remove Application Program option or remove a program and find QuickBooks in the list of all programs in USA. Select QuickBooks and then click on the settings option shown above. Select the appropriate QuickBooks Desktop repair option and see if the repair solves the problem. Follow our QuickBooks Helpdesk Troubleshooting article for more information on the troubleshooting steps outlined above. Going through all the troubleshooting steps can be a tedious process for some users, and users may also encounter problems while repairing the Windows components mentioned in the article. If yes, we are always ready to help our users in these areas in USA. If you are still unable to send emails from QuickBooks, you can call our number 1.855.738.2784 for emergency assistance from our QuickBooks certified technicians. Press the Windows key on your keyboard, then type C:\Windows\ in the Programs and Files search box. . System32 and press Enter on your keyboard. Locate Fixmapi.exe and click on the document and follow the onscreen instructions to change the message in USA.

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